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The Management and Staff of MOMAR, are proud of the fact that the Company has been approved and certified since 1997 to meet the quality management systems, standards and guidelines of ISO 9001, applying to the manufacture and distribution of industrial maintenance chemicals.

ISO 9001 is an International Standards Organisation specification. It is internationally recognised as a sound quality system, which has been in place in Europe for many years. QAS International Ltd, a UK based organisation, originally assessed and certified us. Their qualified Auditors now regularly audit our company to ensure that we continue to meet all the requirements of ISO 9001. Customers are thus assured of dealing with a company that will provide both quality service and quality products.

ISO 9001 is a complete system in that it involves the whole quality cycle of: customer interaction, process control, supplier interaction, corrective actions, field application feedback and continuing improvement. This is all set out in detail in Quality and Procedures Manuals.

In essence, therefore, ISO 9001 means:

  • We say what we do in a Quality Manual.
  • We do what we say.
  • We make sure it works.
  • We make improvements to what we do.


A clean facility image is often perceived by what people smell. A person may enter a building that has dull floors and sit on dusty lobby furniture and seemingly not notice. But just let that person enter the same building and detect a malodour, and you have a noticeable problem. This problem can be cured with these basic steps:

Remove the source of the odour. This should always be the first step. Sometimes complete source removal is not possible, as in the case of a Dumpster that is needed for waste disposal. Often, moving it to a side of the building away from prevailing winds will dramatically improve the problem.

Thoroughly clean the contaminated area. Malodours often adhere to, or penetrate surfaces. Organic residues must be thoroughly cleaned from the surface or they will continue to cause problems due to fungal and bacterial contamination.

Neutralise the malodour through re-creation of penetration. Applications must be specific to the situation. Saturate the area of contamination with a malodour counteractant, sanitiser or enzyme/bacteria digester to re-create the method of penetration.

MOMAR has several suitable products:

ACT-ON - air freshener and sanitiser.

C-CIDE - citrus based cleaner and deodoriser.

DEO 99 - mainly for sewage ponds.

ODOUR CAP - sewage lift station degreaser and instant odour remover.

REFRESH - neutral cleaner with strong residual fragrance.

TANGENE - powdered carpet deodoriser.

8-ALIVE - liquid bacteria/enzyme digester of organic waste.

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