MOMAR, Inc. was founded in 1947, in Atlanta in the USA as a specialty chemical manufacturer of general industrial cleaning, maintenance and sanitation chemicals. These also include water treatment and synthetic based lubricants. Over the years, extensive research and new product development has supported continual growth, both in the USA, and Internationally.


MOMAR manufactures and sells its industrial maintenance & sanitation chemicals in bulk (packaged in drums), directly to the ultimate user. The products offered make for a better and safer work environment, serving the needs of almost every business or enterprise – from food processing areas to washrooms, workshops, hospitals, hotels, schools, supermarkets, offices, construction, mines, etc.


The South African company, CANSA PTY LTD trading as MOMAR, was founded in 1969, under license to MOMAR Inc. in the USA. It is an independent SA Company, but benefits fully from every aspect of the American Company's expertise. There are similar, independent MOMAR licensees located in England, Malaysia, Mauritius and Australia.


Products are manufactured at the plant in Cape Town, all to the strict Specifications laid down by the US Company. This ensures that products are identical to those produced in the USA and internationally, and also that the products meet all the stringent requirements of the various USA authorities such as: OSHA - Occupational Safety & Health Administration; EPA - Environmental Protection Agency; FDA - Food & Drug Administration; USDA - US Dept. of Agriculture.


Our licensor, Momar Inc., keeps us abreast of the latest developments in our industry. In addition, we are members of the ISSA (International Sanitary Suppliers Association) based in the USA. 


Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all products. Where applicable, our products meet the appropriate specifications of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). We have SABS Certification for Cleaning Chemicals and Disinfectants and Detergent-Disinfectants for use in the Food Industry (Specifications SABS 1828:2005 and SABS 1853:2009).


We have been ISO 9000 certified since 1997, (Certificate No. A1040SA), and thus meet the internationally recognised quality administration and manufacturing systems and standards required.


We have been audited by BEE Rating Solutions (Pty) Ltd and we are currently certified as a Level 5 B-BBEE Contributor. See Certificate.


We currently manufacture a range of around 200 products and employ more than 50 people. Our full-time Sales Representatives cover all areas of South Africa and neighbouring countries. They are fully trained and experienced in the specialised cleaning and maintenance chemical field.


Upholding the wellbeing of the environment and the health of those in the work place is upper most in our consideration of what products to manufacture and where and how they should be used. Cost is never sacrificed at the expense of product safety and quality. We are fully committed to safeguarding the environment, which has resulted in the introduction of our GREENACTION PRODUCT LINE. These products have been tested by the US EPA Design for the Environment (DfE), and have been certified as meeting all the DfE Safer Product Recognition Program criteria.


See our Manual in terms of the Access to Information Act. 


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