MOMAR 8-ALIVE Bacteria-Enzyme Drain Treatment

8-ALIVE, continues to be used, with considerable success, throughout South Africa, the USA and Australia. 8-ALIVE is a unique liquid drain maintainer, containing environmentally safe, live bacteria cultures that digest and liquify organic matter, commonly found in the drains and grease traps of the kitchen areas of hotels, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings etc.

8-ALIVE is ideally used with our 24 hour timer MOMAR MAINTAIN-A-DRAIN Dosing Pump for the most efficient method of drain treatment. It may, of course, also be dosed manually.

Use of the 8-ALIVE MAINTAIN-A-DRAIN SYSTEM will not only help reduce the C.O.D and B.O.D. loads in municipal effluent treatment plants, but will also make public kitchen and food areas hygienically safer for all.

8-ALIVE contains live, bacteria cultures that quickly digest and liquify organic waste, eliminating them and the problems they cause. The bacteria are non-pathogenic (i.e. they cannot cause disease), and the product itself, is non-acid and non-alkali, making it environmentally safe in all drain systems. Regular use of 8-ALIVE will establish thriving colonies of waste-digesting bacteria to provide continuous cleaning action in drains, plumbing, septic systems and all other waste disposal systems. The organic waste is converted into harmless water and carbon dioxide.

Although the bacteria in 8-ALIVE reduce odours by digesting greases and fats, the product is also perfumed for additional deodorizing results. This makes it suitable for spraying onto refuse dumps, and applying to other areas where waste disposal and odour problems occur. In septic tanks, 8-ALIVE provides the necessary digestion to eliminate carry-over, reduces the need for pump-outs, and introduces micro-organisms into the soil to open soil pores and keep French drains operating smoothly with improved drainage. It is also ideal for use in portable and pit toilets.

8-ALIVE is being successfully and widely used not only in large commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, food processing plants and Municipalities, but also aboard ships and floating oil rigs.






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